Mercury Verado 135 2008

by Matt

Bought this boat and motor 2 weeks ago, first trip out the boat ran fine for the hour I had it out. Second trip I powered out to some fishing grounds, about 30-45 min, powered down and the engine was running rough, and eventually stalled. Following this it would not start.

Once back in (made it in on the kicker) I made sure the fuel pump was running, and could hear it priming as the key was turned on for 5-8 seconds then shut down, attempted to start motor, it would crank but not fire. Left it for the night, came back out and turned the key on to the start position, cycling it 3-4 times listening to fuel pump each time. turned key and engine fired, ran rough again for 5 seconds or so and stalled. Cannot get it to fire again.

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