Mercury Optimax 250 Pro XS, 2008

by Drew Dietl
(Plymouth, Indiana, USA)

After being on the water and using the motor intermittently during the 5 hour session, I get the boat on the trailer and out of the water, attempt to tilt the motor onto the brace, and nothing. Upon further inspection, the motor will not tilt up or down. You can hear a clicking when pressing both up or down, but it will not move. Took the cowling off and felt the relays while pressing the trim up/down buttons, and they are both clicking. Unscrewed the safety release valve and as the trim rods engage, I notice the seal around the fluid reservoir, as well as the pump motor, are leaking hydraulic fluid, and it is emulsified with water. So from there, I disconnect the bullet connectors that go from the pump motor up into the boat motor, connected one to a 12V battery and grounded the other end. You could hear the motor running, but it wouldnt trim up or down. Also, I know the cranking battery is good. That is all I currently know. Thanks in advance.

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