Mercury Optimal 115 Boat motor not starting

by Chad
(Texarkana, texas)

So I have a nitro x5 2010 with mercury optimal 115 on it. Recently I’ve been on the water and motor would not start. I turn key and it beeps like normal but then turn for ignition and nothin. No sound no nothing. Thought was battery but charged and voltage tested and seems to be no problems. Alternator works to charge battery so I have ruled those things out. Here is the crazy thing and reason for my question. Today I pulled the throttle gear through full motion and turned key after it would not start and bam it worked, that time. Turned motor off to fish and went to leave and no startup. Moved throttle gear and still nothing. Turned wheel and hit tilt and trim up and down and bam start up again. This has me completely baffled. Not sure if it is my switch, a cable getting pinched or a sensor. Just want to figure it out because sometimes nothing works and I have to troll back so need someone’s help with experience with this maybe.

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