Mercury oil injected 60, 1987, #0B157444

by Mike

My son just bought a beautiful 1987 Bass Tracker w/ Mercury oil injected 60 outboard. The elderly gentleman who owned it is not mechanically inclined, lol. He stated that the oil system stopped working so a friend bypassed it and told him to just run pre-mix. Unfortunately, one day he ran straight gas and stated that the motor stopped running, the motor seized.

We got the boat home and I began to look at motor. I have no experience with 2 strokes or boats, but am mechanically inclined with cars. Note: I do have service manual on order. So, I pulled top cover off, the motor is extremely clean and almost new. Previous owner stated low hours on boat. I pulled out the spark plugs which looked great: light oil, no rust, no melted bits, lol. I put a wrench on top and could spin motor over with 2 fingers, air puffing out of cylinders. Definitely not seized!

Question: Is there an emergency shut off for low or no oil? Breaker/ fuse? What is my next step? Pre-mix and try to start? BTW, I am looking for my bore scope to peek inside cylinders.

Appreciate any and all thoughts/ help. Thanks!

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