Mercury Marine 60ELPTEFI 2005

by Chuck
(Spokane WA)

Hello! So, the other day with only my wife and myself on our 22' Princecraft pontoon boat we found that we could only achieve 10mph and the motor would not go over 4000rpm, full throttle. The next day I played around with the cables a bit but did nothing particularly significant, since I am quite ignorant in these matters. After re-assembling the remote shifter we checked it out and the motor ran wonderfully...hummed along at just under 5000rpm and 15mph. The following day the problem returned, but was worse: could not go faster than 5mph! In neutral the motor revs up where it should, even above 6000, but in gear I stayed at 3000 since any increase in rpm did nothing to our speed and made the motor sound very labored.

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