Mercury four stroke 150 EFI 2018

by Vincenzo

During plane. suddenly the outboard went off (complitelly stopped) the Guardian System started producing a countinuos beep and on the display "SYS Fault" appeared. I didn't went througth detailed "SYS Fault" description, due bad wheatehr condition. No chance to stop beeping unless I was forced to completelly switch off the main battery (main switch) and than swith on... this way the beep stopped and I was able to turn on the engine without any signalind nor other fault indication, just power the engine on and I was able to sail 12nm to harbour without any ohre issue.

Remain missed the chance not to have press the "troll" button or "mode" button to investigate in deep the Fault Sys meggage.

I wonder if any one can have idea of this strange and unpredicted behaviour.


P.S. soryy for the language, I'm writting form italy !

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