mercury 70 1977

by brody
(Gonzales la)

I have a 1977 70 Merc, that I have on a 14 ft McKee craft I've been redoing which was for my father n law that passed away 5 years ago, when I first started I noticed all the wiring was pretty much garbage under the hood so I replaced every electric component except the coils and spark plugs wires, we bought new rectifier, new power pack, new trigger,new wire harness and new stator. we took the carbs off soaked for a week and throughout cleaned and rebuild them added new gas lines like legit the whole nine yards, checked compression which was 148 on all three ( new block and pistons installed right before he passed) put everything together took it out to a boat ramp left it on the trailer cranks right up idles perfectly, give it full throttle and it doesn't go over about 2900 rpms, it's not running rough just won't spin the rpms, took it off the trailer and did the same thing. kinda at a lost here

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