Mercury 50 hp two stroke 2001 triple cylinder

by Dan
(Prior lake Mn )

2001 50 hp two stroke mercury three cylinder. I am having issues with motor cutting out and then not starting. Right now I am scared to run pontoon on lower idle cruise speed around 1000-1300 rpms. If I leave it at 2600 rpms it will run all day but then after awhile it will cut down to 2400 rpms. Sometimes too if it starts to quit I will give it more throttle and it may or may not keep running. If it does keep running it takes about 5-10 seconds and then will take off. If I go wide open it does not seem to be having any issues then. I did put in a automotive type of inline filter that is a between the primer bulb and the connector to the engine. There was some black pieces of plastic that spit out of the gas line when I removed the connector that goes to the motor. That’s why I put in the filter. I am running 92 octane non oxy fuel. Thinking maybe the fuel line should be replaced and also new plugs for a faster and better start up? Any suggestions for my issues thanks ahead of time!

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Jan 05, 2021
Mercury 50 hp two stroke 2001 triple cylinder
by: SuperD

It really sounds to me like the carbs have dirt and debris in them. If you found debris in the lines you will have it in the carbs, probably in the idel jets. You need to clean the carbs first. The fuel filter is fine. Since you can run WOT I would think the fuel pump is ok also.

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