Mercury 40hp EFI 2013

by Bill
(Kingsland GA)

Outboard not starting. Dad put the boat away a couple of years ago without setting it up for winter or storage. The engine has less than 2 hours on it.

Here's what we've done so far:

Cleaned gas intake filter.
Drained old gas from lines and VST.
Purchased new gas and dropped the engine's gas intake hose into it.
Verified that gas is coming through the three fuel injectors.
Verified ~12 volts at all three ignition coils.
Verified all fuses are good.
Provided water to cooling water intake.
Primed engine with new gas.
Lanyard stop switch set to RUN.
Moved the throttle-only lever forward with choke in the fully
closed position.
Turned the key.....

Engine cranks great, appears to be getting fuel and spark (at each of the ignition coil outputs. doesn't start. The plugs do not look all that bad. Could they be the core of the problem.

Many thanks in advance my friends. Stay safe and healthy.


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