Mercury 40hp 2 stroke oil injection

by Dominic

Hi, I just bought this engine, compression is good on all 4 cylinders, the boat is really hard to start and it will only start with fast iddle lever up right or with a lot of throttle apply. Once started i can't have it at iddle with the fast iddle lever upright otherwise it stall. As for power, i have 14.5 ft bass boat and at wide open throttle I can get up to 6.2 miles per hours. If I am at low speed and go wideopen throttle there is a lag and it seem like it wants to stall but it does not stall. There seem to be oil/gas on top of the bottom carb. And it burn 3 gallons of gas for 3 hours of trollingat low speed and I was wondering if it's normal consomption.

Can anyone tell me what to look for since I live far from any mechanic.
I have good basic engine knowledge but i dont want to start tearing it appart if i don't have too.
Spark plug are good.
Thank you very much

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