Mercury 40 HP Outboard 40HP ELT 4S 2016/17

(Frederick MD)

Engine could be a 2016 or 2017, boat package was bought in OCT 2017.

Issue is, electric was working fine(tilt motor up down, did not attempt start before change), changed main oil and lower unit oil, now have no power to motor at all. Rest of boat accessories have power (nav light, pumps, horn)but no power to the motor to either crank or raise/lower unit.

Steps taken:

Have checked the breaker, 20 amp, not tripped and checks fine with multimeter.

Swapped battery with known good battery(trolling) with no joy.

Charged all batteries prior to any trouble shooting steps overnight.

Visually checked (and lightly pulled) for loose/open connections. No wires were, however, disconnected during oil change(s).

Verified all connections are tight and corrosion free.

Best of my knowledge the EFI motor does not have a seperate main fuse to check.

Any ideas on what to do? A oil change should not affect elecric, I must have inadvertantly moved something.

Thank You

Daniel Grubbs

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