Mercury, 40 hp 2 stroke, 2003

by Danny
(E. Machias, Maine, USA)

The motor idles. It will come up to speed 30 mph. After 5 minutes to an hour of driving, the power goes right down. Max speed is 8 miles an hour at full throttle. Still idols well but cannot get back up to speed. I cleaned all the carburetors, a new fuel hose, and checked all the spark plugs for spark. I tried a new ignition module on all three cylinders. It still kept having the same issue. It wouldn't come out of it. If you let the motor set overnight and go back out it was it runs normal again until it acts up. I've had it to the Mercury dealer three times and they're not sure what's going on. If anybody has any information, I would appreciate it. Thank you. Danny

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