Mercury 2.5 efi 200 hp 2001

by Darryl
(Dearing GA)

Idles rough and will not get on plane most of the time. When it does get on plane it will cut out, bog, then Rev up and take off only to fall off and then it will not get over 2000 rpms. I did find two coils, or cdm's, that were bad. I replaced them and it got on plane and ran ok one time then right back to no go over 2000 rpms. Vst was cleaned and low pressure pump rebuilt, but may check diaphragms. Fuel pessure is 35 psi. Made the pie out of the fly wheel with marks and could see each individual mark with timing light moved to each plug/cylinder. Swapped out the reeds today and it dies idle better, when ran at the lake it stalked, bogged, but git on plane then fell off and would not go over 200rpms again. Water pressure was/is around 15 to 18 psi. Compression test on warm engine shows 120 psi on all cylinders. I did idle it on a one gallon tank of premix with a full can of seafoam twice. Each time I ran it I shut it off at about a half tank and let it sit for a while the restarted till it ran empty. Please help.

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