Mercury 225 XL 1995

by Clint Edwards
(Hendersonville, NC USA)

This outboard came on a 1979 Sea Safe 21 Cuddy Cabin. It ran great on the trial run on a lake, but when I got it home, about 75 miles from purchase site, it would blow a 20 amp fuse located on the cover which covers the solenoid for the starter.

The symptoms seem to change. At first it would blow the fuse when the key was turned to start, but not if it was just in the run position. Now it blows the fuse in the run position.

When the fuse blows nothing will work. With a new fuse, the tilt/trim works.

When I disconnected the wire from the starter, it did not blow the fuse and you could hear the solenoid click when you turn the key to start.

I figured it was the starter and I put on a new starter. Before I connected the power to the starter I tested it to make sure the solenoid was still clicking when I turned the key. Nope, it blew the fuse with the key only turned to the run position. I would make a beep like usual, then blew the fuse.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?

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