Mercury 2000 75hp ELPT

by E Elsa
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada )

Electric rough idle

Electric rough idle

Hi John, I’m an old time mechanic and new to marine engines. When I bought the boat and motor it ran perfectly but didn’t charge the battery. I changed the regulator and it ran rough. When I put my induction timing light on it two cylinders have intermittent spark. It runs above idle to full power just fine. Four days of fishing and it didn’t change. I had to adjust the throttle position sensor to keep it from stalling. Unplugging any or all regulator wires except ground doesn’t change the condition. I haven’t removed the flywheel yet but the stair and wiring looks perfect. I cannot see the trigger coils well though.

I also swapped and replaced one of the ignition coils, same problem

The dealer says the stator parts kit are not available and CDI doesn’t list the triggers.

Would the regulator change have caused the problem and with correct ( higher) voltage have weakened one of the coils in the stator or triggers?

Why does it fire fine above idle? Wouldn’t it always run rough if a coil is imperfect?

E Elsa

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