Mercury 135 v6 year 2000

by Richard
(Sydney NSW Australia)

When I back off from a cruising speed say 3000 rpm the motor will just die. This seems to happen only after I've been running for 10 minutes or so. Once this happens I need to wait for about 30 seconds and she starts straight away, accelerates and goes back on the plane. Again if I back off I get the same issue.

I have done the following. Drained fuel tank and replaced with fresh fuel, replaced all fuel lines and filters including water separator, replaced plugs, removed and cleaned carbies 9 set back to original adjustments.

An example from today. I left a boat ramp started and idled perfectly. Have to navigate a 4 knot channel for approx 10 minutes and during that time I increased revs and dropped them back off and on without an issue. Once in the main channel went up on the plane for approx 5 mins and then reduced revs as if slowing down and the motor died.

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