mariner,JF50412DD 1995

by Bruce

I need help . I bought this 16 ft Amumcraft jon boat wiith a 50 horse that dosent run . The person was supposed to have rebuilt it and couldnt get it running . I put a compression tester on it and it pups up to 175 on all four . I couldnt see the spark in the day light so I bought a spark tester and I can see all four cylinders sparking . I checked the gap on the trigger and it was at .30 . Making sure it is getting gas and pumping up bulb . I tried starting it but can only get a backfire and sometimes bucking the starter . Could it be possible cam and crank arent in time enough though it has compression ? Choke solenoid activates linkage when trying to start but with out pushing in the choke on the key switch . I could really use some sugestions on what to check next . Stator reads in limits with an ohm meter .

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