Larson, Cabrio 260, 2006

by Ken
(Spokane, WA, USA)

Larson, Cabrio 260, Circuit Breaker

Larson, Cabrio 260, Circuit Breaker

My 2006 Larson Cabrio 260 had smoke coming from behind the dash. The 15amp circuit breaker by the ignition switch also tripped. I traced the problem to a small black module behind the dash that was wired to the dimmer switch.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the boat too long and have no manuals or schematic for it. I also don’t know what the dimmer switch controls (I’ve never used it. (I assume the module is a dimmer control unit. It has 6 wires going in/out of it, all going to the dimmer switch.)

Attached are pictures of the module. It is marked only with “CE” on the side. There are no part numbers or other information on it. I don’t know if the module went bad or the problem is downstream of this unit.

Any help understanding what the switch controls or other information would be appreciated.

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