Johnson 8 hp model cj8rcud

by barry
(Ontario canada)

Engine was serviced and stored about 3 years ago. It will not run on it`s own only when you spray fuel into the carb. I have had the carb dismantled twice and the fuel pump dismantled. Everything was clean I purged all jets with air pressure. The tank is clean and full of clean fuel and the vent is open. I have had the hose removed from the fuel pump to the carb at the carb , started the engine by spraying fuel into the carb and the fuel pump pumped fuel from the hose. I have done a compression test and there is 100 lbs on both cylanders. The primer pump (not bulb on fuel line) is very stiff but does pump fuel into the intake but the engine still will not start on it`s own. Is is possible that a reed valve is damaged. But if a reed valve was damaged would the engine run by spaying fuel into the carberator? We know the spark is ok as the motor will start by spraying fuel into the intake. The engine also has new plugs. I have tried to eliminate everything I can think of but am getting frustrated. Barry Brown

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