how to install downriggers on a small boat

by Sam V
(Mt. Grove Missouri)

My fishing days all started years ago when I lived in Traverce City MI. I had a small open bow run about boat I put in the small lakes for bass fishing. My wife asked me what I wanted for my b' day and jokingly told her I would like 4 Big Jon downriggers. Not knowing anything about downriggers she went out and found a great deal on 4 nearly new downriggers.

I found it hard to tell her these would not fit on my boat so I went down to Murrey's Marina and bought a brand new 22 foot StarCraft Islander. I also bought a marine radio and fish graph. I proceeded home with my new purchases trying to find a way to avoid being murdered. Probably every married man has been in that situation a time or two.
So when I get home she is standing in the doorway watching me back this nice new shiny boat into the drive. I got out of the truck, walked up to my wife and said " great news Honey, our first salmon will cost us $5000 a pound but all the rest are free"
We had many great times in that boat and was never once skunked. True story.

There's is a part 2 to this story however. 32 years later and I am again facing the problem of installing a couple downriggers on a small boat. Do I dare allow history to repeat itself?

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