Honda BF200 2004

by David
(Wilmington NC)

Engine was fine before Hurricane Isaias paid her visit. Removed boat from slip and stored at house for the storm. This past Thursday, after cleaning out all of the leaves and cleaning the bottom, I returned to the marina to put back in slip. Got her down to bottom of ramp, and dock hand tried to crank the engine, which would start but would cut off when he released the key. I brought her back home and starting checking it out. First thing I noticed when I cut the start battery switch on is that the battery light on the switch panel is on with the switch in the off position. I turn the key switch on and no two lights and two beeps. I start the engine and she runs as long as I hold the switch in the start position. As soon as I release the key to the run position, engine sputters and cuts off. Only light still on is the red battery light. I turn off the key switch and still have a red battery light. Go back to the start battery switch and turn it off, light goes out.

I have the service manual and looked to see what information I can find for this situation, and started with checking for any blown fuses. Fuse #2 10A is blown. Replace with new fuse and try to start. When start battery switch is turned on, same results as described above. Turn battery switch back off and check fuse to see it is blown. Service manual shows that this fuse is for the fuel pump. That is as far as I have gotten to this point and thought I would reach out for anyone's experience with this issue. Thanks in advance for any information!

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