Honda BF15D BALJ-14

by Blaine

I am getting fuel in my engine crankcase oil after just 8 hours since my last oil change. The oil level was even with the full mark after the oil and filter change but now it is double that on the dipstick. Both times the engine was level when I checked the dipstick(not tilted). I have disconnected the fuel pump output line from the fuel suspension chamber and turned the engine over to see how much fuel is being pumped out. Fuel did come out but not with much pressure more like a flow than under pressure. I would love to know what the pressure should be. I also removed the fuel pump and pushed on the rod to see how much fuel it would pump and to see if any fuel leaked around the seal on the pushrod. I didn't see any fuel. So I lightly applied air pressure to the output side of the pump to see if I could hear a leak but did not. I wonder if leaving my fuel tank and hose connected to the engine when not in use could build sufficient pressure in these hot summer days to force gas through the fuel pump into the engine crankcase. I use this engine normally twice a week and our Louisiana boat launch is too busy to sit there while fuel is run out of the carbs. If I know I won't be using my engine for a while I hook up a hose to the engine water flush port and run it dry at idle. When in use I idle 500 ft within our boat launch but then I normally run 3/4 throttle to full throttle the rest of the time.

Any suggestions on where fuel may be getting into the oil or how to perform tests would surely be appreciated.

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