Honda BF 60A 2014 Model

by Paul Bottomley
(Port Macquarie NSW Australia)

I have replaced the high pressure fuel pump with a new one which runs fine on the bench powered from a 12v battery. Reassembled back in the VST the pump will cycle when the ignition key is turned to on for 2 seconds. This is normal. However when cranking the starter motor the pump doesn't run & therefore the motor wont start. The voltage at the HP pump drops expectedly to 10.1V whilst cranking. I can get the motor to start & run beautifully by powering the pump from a remote 12V source. The outboard will fire but not keep running if I cycle the ign key several times -obviously the pump delivers some fuel to the fuel rail. Honda diagnostics is showing no relevant faults at all. Im not sure where to go from here?

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