Honda 9.9 HP. Model BL100

by Craig
( BC. Can.)

Because I was having to run my Honda 9.9 HP. Model BL100 outboard in a large Barrel,to verify that the water-pump was working correctly, I removed the propeller as an anti-splash guard. I also brought with me a laser temperature device so I could monitor the cylinder & cyl-head temps while the engine was running. As there was no work-load on the engine, I limited the RPM. to aprox 1/4 of it's W.O.T. value, (under-load) condition. After at least 15 minutes running-time at the mentioned RPM., the only water exiting the engine,that I 'could see, was from the anti-back-presure relief hole in the leg,above the water-line. The engine temps never got above 130,& 124,Deg."F". respectively.

Although this is an old engine, I believe it dosen't have more than a very limited amount of running-time on it, as the original propeller has no nicks on it & the paint is like new, also there are no tel-tail signs of the engine ever being dismantled.
Before the test, I took the time to remove the the rubber water discharge hose, & found nothing blocking it.

My questions are as follows.
1. What temperature thermostat did that engine come supplied with as new, from Honda?
2. Does the cooling water normally exit via the rubber-hose
just under the right rear of the cowl?
3. Would the thermostat have opened under the conditions of the test as mentioned above?

Thanks in advance for any help on this topic,I was not supplied with an owners-manual when I purchased this pristine out-board engine.

Cheers. --- Craig.

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