Evinrude xp 150 vro 1985

by Ronald s. Royal
(Douglasville ga , usa)

Had fished all night motor ran great mid morning battery was dead swapped batteries it fired right up on the pad in seconds ran about a mile to cabin no problems , next day prepared to make a run to the bridge 6 miles away everyone playing water was rough about 2 miles of stopping and taking off hit good water and my alarm buzzer started I stopped motor idling fine Waterpump p stream great buzzer stopped I got on pad buzzer started, idled in gear 1/2 mile no buzzer on the pad no problem buzzer started motor stopped like turning the switch off fired right up this time I could feel the motor running skipping jearking a little but continued idles fine no power now goes dead trying to get on pad , cranks fine runs a little rough , put it in gear 2400 rpm fastest drove 3 miles to bridge fished five hours my wife got to the ramp motor would barely turn battery dead and areators running with switch off ,I charged the battery the night before , I have two batteries one for the engine only one for accessories, 2 days later at home with water foot on motor and fully charged battery fired right up runs a little rough not smooth as usual ,noticed the middle water jacket bolt dripping water but motor seems to be normal temp,plugs burning clean on all six , no buzzer , in gear 3000 rpm no buzzer started to check compression , only checked #5 had 65 psi then my wife gave me instructions for the evening that did not include finishing the test , I had a 1988 xr2 mercury on my procraft 17 ft symptoms kinda like that wound up being the stator at 4 years of service bought new , this is a remanufactured motor with all components off the original motor from the carbs to the plug wires I bought the boat and motor from my uncle he ordered it from skeeter in 1985

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Jul 26, 2020
Been there done that
by: Joe

I have run into that scenario,,, motor went into S.L.O.W. mode,,, your limited to about 2500 rpms..I replaced water pump,, T-stats,, pulled heads replaced O-rings,, rebuilt VRO even though I had by passed it years ago.. I was scratching my head and thought of the temp sensors in the heads,, the tan wire activated the S.L.O.W. system,, so I ordered both new,,, end of problem... Mine was a 92 johnson 175,,, still using it today,, no problems...

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