evinrude vro 120 hp 1989

I cant get it to fire off. The fuel has been in it for overwinter I did put enzyme additive. We had a funky cold winter. I may have flooded it. I cannot smell gas but the bulb, I have pressed it a couple times and attempted to prime it at the key. Not sure if gas is no good and how would I drain it? siphoning? What is best procedure for that with this boat. The motor is attached to a 1989 Aquasport Osprey 19'. I am looking for a manuel for the boat. I have found a couple but have never used them and unsure if they are worth a flip. Thanks

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Jul 18, 2021
VRO no start
by: Frank

Haven't had a whole lot of experience with the VRO system but make sure you prime the bulb for the oil too. Also, make sure the primer bulb for the fuel pumps up hard. I had one just this year that would not pump up even thought it was fairly new. I took off the output line to the carbs and squeezed the bulb and held it. Then I put my thumb over the end and released the bulb still holding my thumb over the end. After doing this several times it started to suck fuel from the tank. 3rd time I've had to do this on 3 different boats in 2 years. I think the check valve in the bulb just gets stuck sometimes. especially after a long winters nap.. good luck.

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