Evinrude V4 1991 120HP Outboard Craburator Issues.

by Bob Thompson
(Duenweg, Mo. USA)

I am rebuilding the 4 carburetors on my friends Evinrude 1991 V4 120hp outboard. I don't have the engine model number handy as the motor is 300 miles from where I live. Upon cleaning and rebuilding the carburetors I noticed that 2 of the carbs had a #34 idle air bleed orifice and 2 had a #37 idle air bleed orifice. It's been in various shops over the years for fuel, idling and starting issues. All the parts breakdowns for this motor shows 2 of each size required. My question would be, does carburetor placement on the engine make a difference and is my information correct? Or should all 4 carburetors be jetted the same? Thank you, Bob Thompson

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