Evinrude 88 spl 1987

by Hunter
(Florida )

Alright so I have a 1987 evinrude 88 spl, it sat for almost 3 years, I changed all the coil packs and the plugs and cleaned the carbs and out a new battery in, and it started up fine it idles perfect on muffs I can shift it into gear fine and rev it up fine, when I take it in the water it starts fine runs fine pees fine, but as soon as I start to take off it bogs down as if it’s a carb problem, but I cleaned the carbs good all jets are clear, I relaxed all fuel line although the inlet on the motor is a tad bit loose, I’m sure it gets air in there the ball will loose pressure over a span of about 5 minutes if I don’t pump it back up, but it doesn’t affect how it runs, I have been having a problem keeping my batter charged also, I can go full throttle and hit the choke a couple times and it will get on a plane but still not go full speed, does anyone know what is going on?

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