Evinrude 5587r 1968

by Norm Magnuson
(Gallatin TN USA)

Replaced impeller, all bushings and all other required items for the cooling system and with muffs on the exhaust cover on the engine block is up to 195 to 200 degrees at high rpm’s The head and spark plug area runs about 150 to 175. Is this normal? Incoming water temperature is 70 degrees. Installed new thermostat as well with no change in temperature. I have water coming out of all the small holes but nothing out of the 3 vertical slats in the gear case.

Also installed CDI 113-7123 battery power pack for 3 cyl. Ever since this was installed the key doesn’t turn the engine off. Purchased new ignition switch and same problem. Reinstalled old switch and nothing has changed. Ideas?

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