Evinrude 40hp Lark 2 1960

Hey guys, Ok so I have an Evinrude 40hp Lark2 1960 that will not start. I am very mechanical but for the life of me I cant figure this out. I have rebuilt the magneto and set the points to .20 and also reset the coils so they are aligned with the plate. I have also rebuilt the carburetor with OEM parts. I have checked to see if I have spark and I do on both plugs. The carb I'm not sure what to set the low and high speed jets to so what I have done is turn the low speed out stating at 1.5 turns out and the high speed at 1 full turn out. I then tried to start the motor continuing to turn out the jets trying to start the engine. It just will not fire for me. I have removed the plugs and dipped them in gas just to try to get some kind of fire but nothing. I did do a compression test and both cylinders are at 132 psi on the money. The tub that the motor is sitting in is now full of oil and gas from turning it over so much. I don't think it would be the reed valves but at this point who knows. Does any body have any ideas?

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Dec 29, 2020
Found problem/solved
by: Anonymous

Ok guys so what I found was my engine was just full of bad gas and oil and the spark plugs that where in it are the wrong ones. I removed the plugs and dried out the cylinders then installed new plugs and it started up. After running it for about 5 minutes I found a few more problems that I fixed and adjusted the carb it now runs great and starts every time. My lesson learned is you have to check everything. Just because you see spark doesn't mean it will fire these engines need a hot spark.

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