evinrude 200xp but what year or model

by terrence
(south wales uk)

evinrude 200xp

evinrude 200xp

hello all.

jst bought a stratos vt rocket and apears to be the only one in the uk.

i know its a evinrude xp 200 but im cant establish what model or year.

on the engine mounting i have numbers 18740224e01

head casting no is 333809.3
head gasket no 353670
piston 432073 stb
piston 432072 port

i found ref to a v6 90 loop 88/93

thats all the info i have, can anyone identify exactly what model engine i have as id like to order parts and this obviously needs to be correctly identified to recieve the right parts.

i also have no spark ( or so i am told) but it does have what looks like a new electric pack/ ecu on top of the engine.

any help greatly recieved.
looking for a owners manual for rebuilding of this engine too if anyone can identify it for me.

thanks all.


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