Concern about exhaust misting oil.

by Don
(Hartwell, Georgia)

1990 60 hp Evinrude with the VRO not used for oil, but mixed manually. Hit something a few days ago taking a chunk out of the propeller. Replaced the prop, checked the oil and put in new lower unit oil. There was no water in the oil. I did noitice the first seal on the prop shaft seemed to be worn and the spring had slipped out of the rubber so I pushed it back in so it would put pressure on the shaft. With all that said my problem is I now have specks of oil coming from the top exhaust port during operation. After I shut down threre is a small slick by the lower unit because of oil specks from the exhaust. Did the exhaust get damaged when I hit something and the motor came up from it's down position? Will I damage the motor if I run it like this? Thanks, Don

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