2020 Suzuki DF25ATSW3 Remote Control

by Steve
(Placentia, CA)

Took delivery of a brand new motor, hooked it up to my boat,installed th he remote controls, plugged it all in, filled the tank with gas and primed it, filled the crankcase with 10-40W, attached the hose with water running, checked the emergency kill key in place, put the remote in neutral, turned the key, and ... nothing.

Actually, a very quiet noise at the motor, otherwise nothing. PTT works great both at the remote and at the motor, but no start. Yes, it's in neutral, the stop key is inserted properly, the brand new dual purpose battery is attached correctly and has plenty of juice, but no start.
Suzuki warranty locations tell me there's a 3 week wait just to get in, when they're not being rude.
Any ideas?

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Oct 04, 2020
Update on Suzuki 25 HP
by: Anonymous

Here's the story in a nutshell: ordered a 2020 Suzuki 25 HP motor online. It arrived. It wouldn't start. Had the remote control line hooked up to the electronic attachment in the motor, the neutral safety switch was engaged, there was oil in the motor, the remote control was set to neutral, the emergency cut off plate was properly inserted, the battery was good. It wouldn't start.
Take it to a mechanic when he could get me in, 40 days later.
HERE WAS THE PROBLEM: I did not realize that I still needed throttle and gear control cables for my motor from the remote. I thought it was all electronic. It isn't. There's really nothing in the manual telling you that for this model the cables are required. So the motor wouldn't start because it was actually in drive within the cowling. The cables don't come with the motor, which I guess makes sense since they don't know what size boat you might have. It all makes sense once you know the cables are needed. It actually took the mechanic 15 minutes of looking at it before the obvious became, well, obvious.
So that's the end of the story. He installed the cables, fixed the poor install I'd done of hydraulic steering, charged me $500 and sent me on my way. Boat works great, the engine is EVERYTHING I'd hoped for.

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