2013 2 stroke dfi 225hp mercury optimax died.

by Joseph J Wood
(Fort Myers. Fl)

I was fishing offshore the other day and added oil to my 2013 225hp oil injected mercury optimax that is a dfi model.

Covered aprox. 100nm and decided to add some more oil. I realized that soon after I did and was heading for the dock the motor all of the sudden just died. There were no alarms or anything to indicate there was a problem.
Had to be towed in cuz the motor would not run properly and kept stalling. The only thing I could find was that the oil cap was loose and I know it's a pressurised system.
Now the motor won't even turn over. I also tried to get it to turn over by hand and I could only get about a 1/4 revaloution.
My question is , is it possible to have seized the p.o.s ?
I didn't have any alarms or anything else to indicate an over heating issue so I assumed it was was a fuel problem. Vut now that it won't turn over at all in concerned I've had a catastrophic failure!! The motor only has about 140 hrs on it.
If you Havre any answers as to wtf happened I'd like to hear them. Motor has been a headache and a money pit since day 1 !!
Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, sincerely Joseph J Wood.

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