2004 tracker 90hp 2 cycle 3 stroke

by Lucas straveler
(Oshkosh, wi)

Took my boat out that had been stored in a garage all winter. Was also properly winterized. Well I took it out for the first time started up great. drove it around for 20 min no problems except when I got it up to top speed and it seemed like it was loosing power for a sec and then it kept doing this everytime I got up to top speed. So I put it back on trailer. Took it back out a week later got it in the water and the it wouldn't stay running and then the battery died so couldn't try anymore. I did everything I usually did squezzed bulb till it got hard, put in a higher idle, turned n pushed key in waited 5 to 10 sec and then turned key the rest of the way to start and would start for 3 to 5 sec and then quickly die. Help me with this please I would like to see if I can fix this before I bring it in to the marina.

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