1985 Galaxy 209 with mercruiser 140 ???s

by Shaun
(Brighton, IA)

My kids and I ran across this boat a few weeks ago so we got it as a family project. The interior is in rough shape and was told the engine ran but had a miss. I got into last weekend to find that the lower untit (new to this so I am still learning what things are called) will wiggle when I try to raise or lower it, not sure where to start on that. The real issue is that the engine apears to be locked up. I have it soaking in oil at the moment and will get more into it this weekend. Where are places to get good parts that dont require a second morgage on my house to get, tha local marina wants almost $4000 for a replacement engine and says they are not worth rebuilding. My daughter is very excited to work on it with me so I need all the help I can get. I have mechanical know how from race cars, notorcycles, cars, trucks, farm equiptment, fork trucks and wirk as a tool tech. I am just not familiar with boats. Thank You, Shaun

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