My Mercury 5.0 Litre I/O keeps stalling when at low speeds

by David
(Westport, CT )

I have a Sea Ray with a 5.0 Mercury Inboard/ Outboard. When I start her up or if I am maneuvering slowly around the docks the engine just cuts out. At high revs she will run for a while and then just out of nowhere quit.

I had the carb rebuilt. I replaced the electric fuel pump and the gear engaging unit, just in case. Nothing has worked. My mechanic is stumped and it is very frustrating. The engine has a much rougher exhaust tone than it did previously which my mechanic says is normal. I never noticed it until now.

I am tempted to buy an after market throttle body fuel injection kit, it bolts on to where the carb used to be.

I am stumped. Any suggestions from someone that has experienced this problem would be helpful.

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