Holiday and Christmas Greetings to everyone and very best wishes for 2006. By now most of you will have your boats snugged down for the winter, and your winterization plans completed. What did you do to care for your marine electrical and electronics equipment? For a refresher visit the following site page on some useful recommendations. It may save you a lot of money. Like many I have my boat winterized, with a dehumidifier running as well.

Winterization Advice

Apologies for some of you who didn’t receive some of the newsletters, there was a glitch in the automatic mailout which is now rectified, sorry everyone

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There has been a lot happening in the marine electrical and electronics world this past year, a lot of new equipment that continues to advance boating technology, some of the latest awards given were as follows

The METS show has been on in Amsterdam including the Design Award METS (DAME Award). The following are some of the nominated products for the award. The awards jury does an assessment of the products based on several key criteria such as the overall design, functionality and materials use, and this also includes innovation and originality, ergonomics and that very important price/quality ratio. The short listed companies and marine electrical and electronics products are as follows:

Airmar Technology with the Ultrasonic Weather Station; Autonnic Research for the Wind Vector Module; Carling Technologies for the Octoplex; Interphase Technologies and the iScan 180; Navman and the Autopilot Display; Raymarine and the Smartcontroller, SmartPilot IPS, and the S100 Autopilot Controller; Belship and the Black Magic Dimmer; Besenzoni and the Electrical Lateral Door; F.lli Razeto & Casareto for the Free Go Leo, Free Go No Shock lighting; Frensch and the F-6 LED Spotlight which is great lighting development; Gallinea and the GEOtronic T8LL-24V Pisolo; Veco and the Vega MK II Air-Conditioning Control system; Willdo and the Pump Out System; Scubar/Iris Surveillance and the Scubar Underwater Camera; Simrad and the new SA50 Search and Rescue Transponder; Amartech and the innovative Retractable Propulsion System for Sailing-Yachts; Blue Sea Systems and the clever Dual Circuit Battery Switch; Mastervolt and the very efficient Frequency Isolation Transformer; Minn Kota/Johnson Outdoors and the Engine Mount (EM) Trolling Motor; Sigmar Marine and the Water Heater; Van der Velden Marine Systems and the EPS Silent Thruster and finally Navionics and the very good Navionics Platinum.

Some exciting developments include the welcome introduction of electric propulsion systems on a large Nordhavn and I will be really happy to see this on smaller vessels in the not too distant future, stay tuned for an article on this subject

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE and for you hardy souls who enjoy some winter boating, stay warm and stay safe.

Best wishes

John C Payne