About Bequia

Where on earth is Bequia, pronounced BECK-way?  A lovely spot off the beaten track, but not enough for cruise ships to call by and a popular spot for charter yachts passing through.  Dropping anchor or picking up a mooring ball in Admiralty Bay is great but not around Christmas and Easter as it can get very congested.  I am not a crowd person myself.  Friendship Bay is a harbor located on the south coast and there is a day anchorage at Petit Nevis. Bequia is the second largest of the 32 Grenadines, that make up St Vincent. It has been a whaling port for hundreds of years and still is sometimes. It only has an area of 7 square miles and a population of just 5,500.  It lies just 9 miles from St Vincent and St Lucia is to the North and west of Barbados. A great place for a relaxing stop.

More about Bequia

Port Elizabeth is a quiet little town, although skewed at tourism like most places. There are basic services here though.  They have a chandler as well as on water supply services that include ice supply, diesel fuel and water and even a laundry service, plus the important trash collection service. In addition there are marine services for troublesome diesels and sailmakers. You can call all of them on VHF CH 68 and get assistance. They have the tourist orientated boutiques and gift stores but they do have some great food resources if you are topping up your provisions.  The various yacht services are located at Ocar on the Northern area.

Bequia Yacht Provisioning Sources

Most businesses will arrange supplies over VHF and deliver to the dock for collection.  Fresh breads, meat, fresh fruit and veg is all available. More importantly they also have an ice cream shop. Sigh!

Doris' Fresh Food & Yacht Provisioning, Tel (784) 458 3625

Lina's Delicatessen, Port Elizabeth, Tel (784) 458 3181

Knights Supermarket, Port Elizabeth. Tel (784) 458 3379

Shoreline Minimarket, Port Elizabeth. Tel (784) 458 3458

Tannis' General Store, Port Elizabeth. Tel (784) 458 3212

Yacht Services in Bequia

Dockside Marine, Port Elizabeth. Tel (784) 458 3360

Allick Sails, Port Elizabeth. Tel (784) 458 3992 

Grenadines Sails, (North Sails Agent), Tel (784) 457 3507 

Lulleys Tackle, Port Elizabeth. Tel (784) 458 3420

Bequia Slip, Tel (784) 458 3272 

Caribbean Diesel, Port Elizabeth VHF CH 68

Trash Collection. Call Daffodil Marine on VHF CH 67

De Bistro (For Ice), Port Elizabeth, Tel (784) 458 3482

Miranda's Laundry, Hamilton. Tel (784) 530 6865  or (784) 458 3923

Papa Mitch Laundry, Port Elizabeth Tel (784) 458 3722

Bequia Tech Internet Café & Technology Center, Port Elizabeth Tel (784) 433 3555

Being a Tourist in Bequia

I am sure you will do the tourist thing a little and the main town of Port Elizabeth is fairly small.  You can visit the fruit and veggie market on Front Street, or lunch in one of the local restaurants.  The walk from Front Street passing the waterfront Belmont Walkway over to Princess Margaret Beach is short and pleasant and along to Lower Bay beach.  Jacks Beach Bar is a bit of an institution here and besides renting beach chairs they also serve up crisp-fried ballyhoo which is a sardine type bait fish. You can take a cruise through the local waters and visit the to the Tobago Cays marine park.

Worth the Visit in Bequia

Back in the big smoke you can visit the Bequia Boat Museum and learn about their whaling heritage, they still get to hunt four whales by traditional methods every year. If you are feeling fit then a two hour uphill hike to Bequia’s highest elevation, known as Ma Peggy’s Rock, with a spectacular view over Admiralty Bay across to Mustique, Petit Nevis and St. Vincent.  If you crave some nightlife then some of the local hotels have steel bands and so on. Diving in Bequia is highly rated with some 30 quality easily accessible and they offer drift dives, caverns, walls and overhangs, great coral formations and marine life. Also you can arrange wreck and night dives. 

Mauvin's Model Boat Shop, Close to the vegetable market in Port Elizabeth

Sargeant Brothers Model Boat Shop, 3 mins walk from Mauvin's

Marine Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth

Enjoy your visit and take care of your yacht provisioning in Bequia.