1992 Evinrude 48 hp

by Richard

aluminum V-hull runabout

aluminum V-hull runabout

Novice could use general advice cleaning up neglected small boat to good running condition. 14' aluminum V-hull runabout w/1992 Evinrude 48 hp ... unused for several years sitting in a backyard. Removed most of the leaves and debris and will unbolt the rotted plywood sub-floor. Hull mildewed, stained & corroded but not severely, only appears to need grinding/paint ... some cracked rotted weatherstripping under the windshield. Controls look in decent shape but unfamiliar to me ... please advise a good source for cliff notes on simple boat controls re: care and usage. Also will need to learn the fundamentals on motor care and operation. Outboard half covered with green algae but very clean under the cover, once again it hasn't been run in several years at least. It seemed like a good idea to ask some of you experienced guys how to go about fixing up this little unit for general use. Any input will be appreciated, no matter how basic. Many thanks.

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