1976 70 HP Evinrude won't go past 2000 RPM

by Dave Luther
(Crockett, TX)

I have a 1976 &) HP Evinrude that was stored for 7 years. It only has 470 hours on it, as the previous oner kept a complete log of all the fuel used.
I replaced the water pump impeller, thermostate, etc and it starts right up. It runs smooth up to 1800 RPM, but won't go higer unless I advance the throtle very slowly, then it goes up to 2000 RPM. If I advance the throtle more the engine slows down. It has 100 psi on all three cylinders.
Any Ideas?

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Jul 16, 2021
by: Dannyboy

I think first thing to do is a compression check and find out if each plug wire will jump a half inch gap with a needle point spark tester to eliminate an ignition problem then go to fuel diagnosis

Nov 30, 2013
2000 rpms
by: Anonymous

ya make sure all your fuel lines are clean and not varnished up from sitting all them years, take all the lines off that you can and shoot some carb cleaner threw them and make sure they are clean and not bein restricted by dried old fuel.

Feb 13, 2013
Wrong Adapter
by: Paul

I had that problem with a 115 Yamaha after i changed the fuel line from the gas tank to the motor. The guy at the marina sold me the WRONG
Different size motors takes different ones or you will not get over 2000 RPMS.
So make sure you have the right one for your motor. Good Luck

Jun 26, 2012
70 HP Evinrude
by: Chuck

Try Sea Foam in your fuel. Most times setting clogs up jets that Sea Foam or any other fuel and injector cleaner will disolve. It may take awhile, but I would run it for at least a couple of hours and let it set, then run it again. You may have to do this several times, but It's a cheap fix.

Good Luck

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