Yamaha T50TLR 2006

by Wade Winkler
(RockHill SC)

After changing the LP pump the fuel lines from the motor to tank new pickup tube anti surge check valve and cleaned fuel tank boat runs fine till after running for awhile. Seems after heating up and fuel at half tank and at low RPM it will stall out staving for fuel. After cooling down for awhile I can get it restarted by pumping the primer ball but the ball it self never gets hard . I have even changed the primer ball also. Once it restarts I can run it all day and I you would never know that there is this problem . Seems if the tank is filled on initial outing this problem may not show it’s ugly head. Also at the quick disconnect on motor if primer bulb is pumped and it’s disconnected the ball stays hard until it’s reconnected to motor then goes soft. This has been happening all summer and is disappointing. Thanks looking for solid advice.

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