Yamaha hpdi 2003

by Jason
(Washington nc)

End of last season noticed a high idle..

Cranked it a few times during the off season.
Once I accidentally revved it up and realized it was acting funny..
Thought it was just the neutral and drop cylinders thing..

Took it out, idled to the middle and hit it..
Wouldn’t plane..
Almost shut off while getting back in.

Got new plugs, filters.. on boat spin on, on motor, vst filter and New gasket for tank...very little issue in vst..
And screen looked new..A bit out of round but clean and white.

Still not running great tat idle on trailer..reverse seemed to be ok...

New inline metal strainer installed..
No change..

Messed around with the metal clip on my tps..
jiggled it and makes good contact, but didn’t put a meter on it...,

Any ideas??

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