Yamaha F90LA 2013

by Larry Baker
(East coast FL)

If the boat sits awhile, When I turn the key I can see the volt gauge drop a volt or two but nothing else, after removing the cover I can hear a click when I turn the key (not loud enough to be the solenoid but more likely a relay). after clicking it many times it finally starts, and Its all good till it sits again for many days. I don't feel its the starter because I don't think the starter mounted solenoid is engaging but I could be wrong.

When I googled starter relay for my model 2 different parts came up.

A.A Starter Relay Solenoid for Yamaha 50-225 HP Outboards 68V-8194A-00-00

Relay Assy 63P-81950-00-00 for Yamaha Outboard Motors 4 Stroke Engine F 20HP - 250HP

would this seem likely to you or any other suggestions ?

Motor has 250 hrs

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