Yamaha 90 two stroke 2001

by Mike
(Juneau, Alaska)

Starter is intermittently acting like it has a weak battery. Starter will engage and crank slowly in very short spurts. Other times it fires right off and spins like a champ. It does not seem to matter much if engine is warm or cold. I have 13-14 volts coming out of the battery (have tried 2 different batteries). I have 2 of these outboards and have been swapping parts to eliminate issues. Also have changed and tested 2 different starters and relays. All work fine on working engine. I am getting good voltage to the relay, but only 7-9 volts at the starter when cranking. When testing starter on the good engine it begins at about 9 volts and jumps right up when it's at full crank. All electrical connections seem to be good ...tight and clean. Maybe there is resistance in the shaft somehow and making it harder to crank? I'm at a loss and would appreciate any feedback! Thanks very much.

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