Yamaha, 50HP High Thrust, 2006

by Craig T.
(Lake Anna, VA)

After running at 2000 rpm or lower for a few minutes (going thru a no wake zone), when I go to full throttle the engine will bog down momentarily like it is fuel starved. Also, after running full throttle for a while, when going back down to 2000 rpm or below, the engine sometimes runs very rough, and if bringing the control back to neutral, it will stall. Start it back up right away and it's fine. When this happens, it's like somebody turned on a switch. If you shut it off and restart, it's cleared. Engine is serviced every year, and had new plugs put in this season. Been running this way for a few years now. Mechanic said he changed the filter, and if that doesn't fix it, change plugs. No dice, same problems.

Symptoms point to something electronic. Sensor perhaps?

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