Yamaha 40TLRS. 1994

by Michael
(Decatur, MI. USA)

The motor starts fine and runs well at idle and under full throttle. I’ve noticed the volt meter on the dash when the motor starts is at about 13 volts ( normal from my experience) it slowly creeps up until it pegs at 18 volts. The first time I noticed this, I thought the meter malfunctioned or was stuck. The boat ran fine but after approx 15 minutes cut out as if the kill switch was activated. After checking to see if the bulb on the fuel line was firm, I was able to restart the motor and again watched the volt meter start at 13 volts and then begin to climb and peg at 18 again. And shortly after in route back to the dock the motor died again. Is it possible that the voltage regulator / control is staying closed and-an overcharge interlock is shutting down the engine. I looked at OEM replacement parts for that model electric systems but only saw a main control module ( Expensive fix ) Can anyone provide some input?

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