Yamaha 130 v4 not start or trim tilt

by Ron
(Nor cal coast)

I have a 94 Yamaha 130 v4 that just died while on the water. Engine was idleing just fine then died. Of course i was close to a jetty and the key switch was dead as well as trim tilt. After banging the rocks a few times i got towed out with minor scratches and dings. Got boat home pulled cowling the 20a and 30a fuses are good. There is power to the motor all reading good current. The dash gauges are dead as well, so where do I go from here? I'm thinking safety switch but that does not explain trim or gauges! Can anyonehelpme out here, local marine shops are booked for over a month and I'm a halfway decent backyard mechanic except on outboards.


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