wiring harness for trolling motor

by Emmett Johnson
(Vidalia, Ga. USA)

I have a Freedom Twin Troller fishing boat that has two trolling motors built in underneath the middle of the boat. The harnesses are connected to a battery in rear of boat and the harnesses for each motor run through a groove to the front of the boat. The harnesses have a plug with 4 prongs on the top and 2 prongs on bottom part of plug. This is plugged into a metal pedal that can make the boat operate like a zero turn lawn mower.

The pedal on the left will not operate the rolling motor on the left with harness on the left. When I connect the harnesses connector from the right side of the boat it will run the motor an the left side. So I know the electric motor runs. Within the connector there is two positive wires, one to supply power to the controller and one from the controller to the trolling motor. There are two negative wires going in to the controller one of which goes to the trolling motor. I have used an amp meter on the wires going in and they show twelve volts. I have used it on the two wires going from the controller to the trolling motor and got 12 volts also. This on the connector for the left side of the boat. No matter what I do the left side controller will not work on the left side trolling motor. none please advise.

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