Why doe's my boat run fine for about 20 minutes, and then stalls out?

by Virg Rowe
(Lucasville, Oh)

Can anyone help with this problem? I have a 89 Sunbird with a little 2.3 ford motor. I put in the river and run about 3,ooo rpm, and in about 20 minutes the motor will start missing, and in a little while it will quit for good.

For about two years when I would have the boat running over 2,700 rpm and use the trim the motor would quit, and keep running soon as I let off the button. Other than that it ran fine. But this year I put the boat in the river twice, and it would run fine for about 20 minutes and then stall out. I put a new tuneup on it last year, and put a fuel water separater, and filter in the carb this year. The only thing I know that may need replaced is the coil. I know it has other electrical conponents on it, but I dont have a clue what they are for.

Hope some one can help.

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